I’m sorry, but your Restaurant GM is not an HR Professional

Let’s start by apologizing up front to those very few, very awesome, restaurant professionals out there that understand the need for staying up to speed on the many requirements of the personnel world. Appreciate them because they are the vast exception, not the rule. For so many restaurant owners, the reasonable […]

Back in the country, back in the saddle!

After a whirlwind journey to the UK, I am back in the states and ready to assist all new and existing clients! Whether your business is a small local restaurant or a large corporate entity, I am able to scale my services to best suit your particular needs. Referral bonuses are […]

Why do I need an HR Consultant?

So, you have looked around the site or heard from a friend about these services, and you are wondering “why do I need this?” or more importantly “what am I saving by using these services?”. Here’s the elevator pitch. Hiring and maintaining an HR department is expensive if you want to do […]

Greetings and Salutations!!

Welcome to Yenzer Consulting Services, LLC! In this blog, I will seek to field many of the questions and concerns that rise regarding the Human Resources and Operations fields. Expect a nice mixture of insight, service information, news from business sites worth noting, and an occasional opinion piece from yours truly. […]