Why do I need an HR Consultant?

So, you have looked around the site or heard from a friend about these services, and you are wondering “why do I need this?” or more importantly “what am I saving by using these services?”.

Here’s the elevator pitch.

Hiring and maintaining an HR department is expensive if you want to do it right. The USA-average salary for a single executive level HR professional (Director Level) is $85,000/yr; this person has the responsibility of providing a level of knowledge that will keep your company from litigation and audits that could lead to tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of dollars worth of penalties. If you aren’t keeping a handle on this, it could bankrupt you or even lead to jail time if it is proven that you knew about the issues ahead of time.

HR is protecting you from that.

What if you could instead pay a retainer fee that would amount to less than $15,000/yr to have access to someone with this experience? This person is at your call when the large issues loom, ready to come to your business and help you take care of the issue at hand. No paying someone at that near-six-digit level to sit around and wait for an issue to arise.

You could instead utilize my ongoing retainer services, then hire a HR Assistant at the normal $25k-$32k/year that can keep daily paperwork in order and field low-liability issues. You just saved in the ballpark of $40k/year right out of the gate just in salary…that’s not even counting the fines you avoided.



Finally, speaking about fines; let’s look at how much something as simple as an I9 violation can cost your company.


As you can see; each individual  I9  for each individual employee you have (going back 3 years) could cost you up to $1,100 each.

I have personally saved a single company over $200,000 by going through employee files for unknown I9 violations and getting them updated correctly.


I can do the same for you.



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