Executive-Level Human Resources Knowledge

15+ years of HR Management experience across the following industries:

* Consumer Technology

* Restaurants

* Manufacturing

* Small Business/Startups

* Retail

* Healthcare

* Assisted Living Communities

* Warehouse

* Entertainment/Performing Arts

* Oil/Gas

* Photography

* Hospitality

* Insurance and Underwriting

* Professional and Fan Conventions



Workplace Efficiency Improvement

* Six-Sigma Trained

* Integration of 5S Efficiency Method



Organizational Development

* Building new processes, infrastructure, and documents from the ground up for businesses looking to expand and competitively hire new employees.



Consumer Media Marketing

* Proven growth of online communities and streamlining marketing messages to better focus efforts and broaden awareness.



Small Business Personnel

* Drove I-9 and EEOC compliance that has saved employers hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines stemming from improper documentation and retention of paperwork.



Technology Integration and Paper Reduction

* Streamlined employee documentation and training materials to protected electronic formats that have enabled companies to operate in a 100% “Green” capacity.



Recruitment and Retaining of Quality Employees

* Led recruitment, and head-hunting efforts across all previously-mentioned industries, working directly with hiring managers to identify and retain key candidates.