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Regarding Retainer Relationships

Ongoing business arrangements that will guarantee you access of All YCS Offerings each month. Just like having an on-call HR Director or COO, without the expected huge salary and competitive perk package. Retained Clients have access to request all services 24/7 and on-site, outside of normal 9a-5p M-F consulting hours.

[Starting as low as $500.00/mo, with 12 month contract, depending on the size and needs of your company]

Compare this average cost of less than $15,000/yr versus $90,000+/yr in salary, benefits, and included expenses in having a SPHR-certified C-Suite member of your staff.

This is the best value, as this arrangement offers the entire span of services for an ongoing, reduced price and access when you need it.




My individual services are able to be scheduled as needed, but those that maintain a retainer relationship take precedence over any that do not have this arrangement. Rates are agreed upon at time of contract creation, but many of these selections are billed hourly at a rate of $150.00/hour, billed to the closest half hour and at a minimum hour allotment.


Auditing and Crisis Prevention

Having proof of a third party conducting your investigations and gaining feedback will assist in defense against many litigation attempts. Please contact directly for pricing assessment and information.


Schedule an on-site audit of the following business aspects:

* Employee File Documentation

* I-9 Compliance

* State Inspection Preparation

* EEOC Hiring and Documentation

* Interviewing Practices

* Company Document Retention

* Personnel Surveys

* Risk Analysis

* Departmental SWOT Analysis


Individual Offerings

Purchase only the direct services that fit your specific needs. Please contact directly for pricing information.

* Employee Onboarding Materials (Handbooks, NDAs, Non-Compete, Contractor, Benefits, etc.)

* Disciplinary Practice Review

* Efficiency Improvement

* HRIS Development and Integration

* Employee Materials Review and Assessment

* On-Site HR Audits

* HR Gap Assistance for Departmental Transitions

* Management Sensitivity Training

* Conflict Mediation

* Recruiting Assistance

* Contract Creation

* Contract Analysis

* Third Party Exit Interviews

* Third Party Complaint Investigation

* Direct Employee Counseling

* Impartial Performance Review Compliance

* Grievance Documentation and Investigation

* Discreet Harassment Investigation

* Assistance with Staff Reduction and Lay-Off Scenarios



Speaking Engagements

I am available to appear in any needed capacity to teach, train, and entertain your audiences. Please contact me directly for scheduling coordination and pricing.


Team Building

Get your employees working together and playing off of each other’s strengths while lessening each individual’s weaknesses. Get on the same page and stay there!

Workshops can be as short or as long as your needs dictate.



Workplace Harassment, Inter-Cultural Sensitivity, and new Department of Labor rulings are three of the most growing aspects of employee/employer lawsuits. Protect yourself against these sorts of pitfalls by empowering your managers and ensuring they are prepared for the tough questions and can respond in a way that consistently protects your business.


Public Appearances/Emcee

I am available to serve as a keynote speaker, panel moderator, emcee, or master of ceremonies for any conference or event that requires a host that can dynamically educate, entertain, and interact with  an audience of any size.

From corporate product reveals to press conferences; I am able to bring a level of knowledge, sincerity, and energy that will keep your audience engaged from start to finish.