Who I Am

I’m Jeff, Founder and Principal Consultant for Yenzer Consulting Services, providing freelance Personnel Operations advice and assistance.

Most importantly, I am an executive-level Human Resources professional with over 15 years of experience spanning across multiple industries and cultures which empowers me to integrate this direct knowledge quickly within any workplace environment.

My SPHR certification is a testament to the fact that I have  intricate knowledge of the requirements and expectations involved in operating an efficient, concise, and ethical personnel department.  My Microsoft MVP designation demonstrates my refined ability to integrate new technology to ease and organize your day-to-day functions.

I am a genuine and professional individual that will keep lines of communication open while offering impartial and thorough counsel to any member of your organization.

This company was born out of a commitment to maintaining an Ethical and Objective position in personnel matters, and only being a third-party consultant truly offers that uniquely objective business perspective.



What I Can Offer

“On-call HR; when you need it, how you need it, because sooner or later you will need it.”

My consultation services are broad and can be easily tailored to suit your specific needs.  Utilizing my company will yield the results of having an HR Executive at a fraction of the cost of the salary and benefits needed to have an individual continually employed at that level.


      Incidental Services

Many of my services can be arranged on an “à la carte” basis; we can discuss precisely what your company needs to remain competitive within your market, keep employee morale high, or avoid any legal ramifications that could arise without a professional on-site with this specific knowledge.

These services will be agreed upon and provided within the parameters of a defined Agreement of Consultation that clearly describes the billing method to ensure that no hidden charges or fees are ever created.


      Retained Services

Conversely, for those companies that have an  ongoing need; a Retainer Agreement can be arranged that will provide a set amount of assistance on an on-call basis. This can benefit those companies that plan to employ a lower-level assistant for day-to-day functions and bring in my services  as needed.

With C-Suite HR employees making an average of $87,600 per year in the US (based on statistics from 2017), this is a very cost-effective alternative to keeping a full-time employee on site that might not continually be needed 40 hours per week.


More information can be found  under the “Services” tab.

Please contact me directly to discuss which avenue of services might best benefit your needs.



My Mission

The purpose of Yenzer Consulting Services, LLC is a simple one:

“To provide Director-Level HR and Operations services to businesses, so they are empowered to make proper decisions for their employees while maintaining the high Objective and Ethical Standards that are required to comply with Federal regulations.”


These services can be costly, but that does not mean they are any less important to your business, and it is my responsibility to provide those skills at a cost that even new businesses can afford.

My ultimate goal is to walk into your workplace, attend to the needs of your managers, find a solution for any existing or potential issues, improve your employee morale, and ultimately leave your business in a better state than when I arrived.

On top of this, I will show you how to keep these improvements going for years to come.



My Commitment to You

Many companies offer “HR Services” remotely, especially payroll, but many of those start and stop with the information that they compile. I strive to put the Human back into Human Resources.

Yenzer Consulting Services is not a company that has the capability to compete with payroll call centers and PEO services with proprietary information systems to crunch all of your numbers for tens of thousands of dollars a year, but that is not our goal. Often, I am able to work alongside those companies to lessen your monthly obligation to them, while giving you direct advice, on-site.

A member of their staff will rarely, if ever, be able to visit your workplace to conduct an audit to make sure you comply with federal regulations or provide direct third-party mediation between employees. I can provide these kinds of services that are the life-blood of the Human Resources field.

Any HR Manager will tell you that they are something between a workplace firefighter and a professional cat-wrangler, and I can offer these services and the training needed to meet any issue that might arise, ensuring your business runs as smoothly as possible.

My pricing is fair, and even at the most involved tier it is still a fraction of what you would pay in salary and benefits to employ a full time HR Director.